VoiceCatcher“Voice Catcher is a collection of writings that celebrate voice and languages, speech and the need to tell … about feelings and emotions … how words are unstoppable … how voice can be imprisoned or excessive … about listening and the need to tell and the need of the heart for silence.”Heather Kay, editor, from the Introduction

“… this remarkable work … is a linguistic firework display, sparkling with all the colours of the auditory rainbow … the emphasis on speaking and listening will make it an invaluable resource for professionals.” David Crystal, from the Foreward.

The idea of a voice anthology arose after shared readings at the end of a day studying “Voice as the Foundation of Literature” with David Crystal. Selections have been contributed by many members. “Voice Catcher” is – “… a diverse catch of voices harvested by a Network of voice professionals.”

£7.00 plus £1.20 p&p per copy

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